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People often ask us if Willard Water will help a particular health problem they are having. The truth is we don't know. We canít tell you that Willard Water will be the solution to your particular problem, but we do know that enough people have found the help they were seeking that Congress launched an investigation. We also know it can't hurt you, but youíll never know until you try Willard Water for yourself.

Our guarantee states "Your money's worth, in you own opinion, or your money back." This guarantee applies to your initial purchase of a 4- or 8-ounce bottle of Willard Water concentrate or a single tube of Gel'Loe. In other words, it applies to the quantity required to tell you whether or not you are pleased with the product. It does not, of course, apply to re-orders, case-lot purchases or gallon orders, because we feel that orders of such quantity means you have already determined that you like the products.

You keep saying "mix it"-- what do you mean? How do I mix it?

The Willard Water product you purchase is the Willard Water concentrate. You mix ONE ounce of concentrate into ONE gallon of high quality, preferably filtered or other purified water. PLEASE -- don't ever mix this fine product with ordinary tap water or well water when you are preparing it for HUMAN USE. Who knows what's really in that water?

Can I add Willard Water to juice or other liquids?

Sure!! Some people even make their juice, or coffee, or whatever, with the diluted water. Don't worry about heating it-- neither boiling or freezing will hurt it. Understand that the changing of the water molecule is permanent. Just as a diamond will not revert back to pencil lead, nor will the water.

How much do people drink?

That varies, of course, but the average is about 12 to 16 ounces in a day. And, yes, some people drink exclusively Willard Water and therefore drink much more than that. Others drink less than the average amount. You'll find that you somehow "settle in" at the level you feel right about. Most adults start out drinking about 4 ounces a day and work up from there. If you drink more than your body uses, you may experience a looser stool than usual for you, which would indicate you could cut down on the amount you take in.

What do I tell my doctor?

Depending on the type of doctor he/she is, your doctor may well never have heard of Willard Water. The simplest thing to tell your doctor to convey what would be of interest to him/her, is to say Willard Water is a product with synergistic qualities, and it might increase your absorption of any medications or food supplements you are taking. Ask what signs to watch for because of the increase in absorption. Also, most people on medications take the medication at least a couple of hours apart from drinking the Willard Water. Show the bottle listing the ingredients and explain that when diluted for drinking, it is over 13,000 part to one active ingredients, so the ingredients are in the parts per million range.

Does Willard Water contain something that someone could be sensitive or allergic to?

We recommend starting out drinking only four ounces a day and encourage you to take the responsibility to monitor your own body or ask your health care provider to do so. We've heard about only 3 such cases over all these years (as of March, 1994), but it is still possible. People can be allergic to milk, sunshine, whatever, so it's certainly possible, no matter how rare.

How fast does it work? How long to see results?

First of all, keep in mind we don't know if it will "work" at all for you. There is no proof that it will. However, people have reported what they perceived as benefits in anywhere from a few minutes (on pain, burns, etc.) to a few months. It depends on the particular situation and all the variables. An eight ounce bottle of concentrate will last one person two months or more. Long enough to make a determination as to Willard Watersí effectiveness.

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