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An Overview of Biomagnetic Therapeutics

by Edward A. Hacmac, D.C., January 1991

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Historical Perspectives

Today there is a reawakening to the use of magnetism in the field of therapeutics. Through innovative design and revolutionary applications, biomagnetism is finding an ever-increasing niche in the health care fields of many countries throughout the world. To fully understand this phenomenon and the potential it has in our world today, it is helpful to look at some historical applications and facts about magnetism.

For thousands of years, mankind has utilized the beneficial powers of magnetism, knowing little about the specific reasons it worked or effects it created, but realizing only that curative results could be achieved.

The oldest known usage of magnetic powers is traced to Africa, where an African bloodstone (magnetite) mine more than 100,000 years old has been found. The magnetite was ground up and used in potions, foods and topical applications.

In ancient Greece, Aristotle was the first person in recorded history to speak of the therapeutic properties of the natural magnets of this time. Nevertheless, most of the ancient civilizations, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Egyptians and Chinese, used magnets for healing.

It is recorded, that around 200 B.C., the Greek physician Galen found, that pain from many different types of illnesses could be relieved by applying natural magnets.

In the first century, the Chinese began documenting effects on health and disease related to variations in the Earth's magnetic field, using very sensitive compasses to monitor those variations.

Around 1000 A.D., a Persian physician documented the use of magnets to relieve disorders such as gout and muscle spasms.

In the 1600's, an English physician named Gilbert wrote of magnetism, and in the 1700's another physician named Mesmer wrote a dissertation on magnetism that has proven to be a foundation for magnetic healing in the Western culture. Dr. Mesmer's name became synonymous with magnetism, but in a negative fashion. He was ridiculed for his advanced discoveries and his abilities to use magnetism for good. It was called "mesmerism", scoffed at as unscientific and unreliable, and was deemed an unworthy practice or "charlatanism".

Despite the increasing ridicule, other studies were performed, including the first in-depth study of the history of magnetic treatment of diseases; undertaken in 1777 by France's Royal Society of Medicine. Other studies included reports by Eydam in 1843, Charot and Renard in 1878, Westphal and Gangee in 1878, Mueller in 1879, Benedict and Drozdov in 1879, Benedict in 1885 and Quinan in 1886.

Negative studies on magnetic therapy were forthcoming; one by Peterson and Kennelly of the influential Edison Laboratory, and another by Rosenberg, who stated in 1928 that "We must admit that until now, no basis for acknowledging the effect of a constant magnetic field has been obtained". This appears to have become the established theory in western countries for some time.

Irregardless, future research and development were soon to become monumental in re-awakening the interest in biomagnetism. Beginning in the 1930's, researchers such as Davis in 1936 and Hansen in 1938 began to write of their investigations and experiments using magnetism. Hansen reported that subjective complaints were being relieved by the application of magnetism, such as in sciatica, low back pain, and joint pains. Davis wrote of his studies which showed differing effects of the north and south pole energies when applied to plants and animals.

By 1958, much work was being done in Japan, and by 1959, published reports were beginning to appear from Nakagawa, Tomizuka, and Takeyama. At that time, several medical Congresses on "Magnetism and Living Bodies" were presented and followed by three Conferences on "Magnetic Fields and Living Bodies" from 1974-1976.

Today, much continuing scientific research in France, Russia, England, Canada, India, China, Japan and the United States is providing invaluable data on how magnetic fields affect the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as every living cell, whether animal, human or plant.

Through the use of ultra-sensitive measuring devices now available, the human body, in fact all life, is found to be electrical in nature and therefore is influenced by and responds to minute magnetic/electrical changes.

Nakagawa has reported on the existence of a group of symptomatic conditions that respond favorably to an introduction of a magnetic field, when all else has failed. He calls this group of health problems "Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome" and documents much research in Japan on the use of magnetotherapeutic devices such as magnetic bracelets, necklaces, rings and mattresses to treat this Syndrome.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a prestigious laboratory has been established to study and document advances in magnetic field therapy, and the United Stated Government has recently (1990) begun funding new research at Florida State University.

All these studies into the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of magnetism promise to create a new age for an energy not totally understood; yet destined to play a major role in the health care of the future.

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