insulating paint bannerFor those of you who are curious how Insuladd works, perhaps this picture below will
clairify it for you. Check it out.

how insulating paint works

The ceramic particles in INSULADD create a thermal barrier. These particles refract, reflect, and dissipate heat. A thin coating of these particles will protect a human hand from a blow torch flame held only an inch away!

What's going on here is Insuladd uses the same type of ceramic material used in the shuttle heat tiles.

heat tiles on shuttle

Let's go into it a little more.

The complex blend of microscopic hollow ceramic spheres that makes up INSULADD have a vacuum inside like mini-thermos bottles. While the use of INSULADD on interior walls is extremely beneficial, its use on exterior walls is even more dramatically effective since it blocks the extreme heat of the sun! INSULADD ceramic-filled paint on interior walls looks like ordinary flat wall paint. Insuladd uses the same type of ceramic material used in the shuttle heat tiles.

The ceramic materials have unique energy savings properties that reflect heat while dissipating it. The hollow ceramic microspheres reflective quality affects the warming phenomenon called "Mean Radiant Temperature," where heat waves from a source such as direct sunlight cause a person to feel warmer even though the actual air temperature is no different between a shady and sunny location. It is the molecular friction within the skin caused by the sun's radiant energy waves which makes the body feel warmer.

This is why Insuladd has
these energy savings features

It's interesting to see how Insuladd stands up under a hot sun when compaired to other coatings and other materials. Check out this next chart. Testing conditions are ambient temperature of 90F - Clear kky. What it is showing is that Insuladd mixed with white paint picks up less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit while other coatings can really, really get hot. This is why using Insuladd saves you money.

heat of the day

The performance of INSULADD when mixed with a light colored house paint can be expected to parallel the R-20 (radiant) and R-5 (passive) insulation equivalencies documented by commercially available insulating coatings.

Makes your home more comfortable in winter & summer!

Summer heat gain through a building's exterior walls can be reduced by as much as 40%. Winter heat loss through interior walls can drop to the point where a once chilly room is now a pleasantly comfortable one.

Insuladd reduces heating and cooling equipment maintenance costs through reduced running time. Works winter & summer!

raising the insulation bar

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