Application Of Lice Rx For Head Lice Is Simple.

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Imagine a head lice product that feels more like a high quality hair conditioning than a harsh chemical bath of your scalp.
That's Lice Rx.

Three steps to success. Lice Rx is more than a product, it's also the way you use our product. You may see a few live lice in the days following the first application. That's because any head lice that were not on the host when the application was done, come back to the host. Thatís why the second application is so important. We work with their life cycle. We knock them down, nit pick them to death then we knock them down again before they can get re-established. Thatís how you win. In cases of bad infestations, you may want to apply Lice Rx every four days to disrupt their life cycle even further.

As a general guideline, short hair will use about 1/4 bottle. Shoulder length hair about 1/4 to 1/3 bottle. Middle of the back, about 1/3 depending on hair texture. Use water to disperse further. That's what makes Lice Rx such a great value!

Step 1: Place Lice Rx bottle in glass of hot water to warm contents to baby bottle warm (Do not microwave). Start with dry hair so you know what areas have been treated. With hair in a bun, apply to dry hair around roots near the nape of the neck and ears. Target nits and lice. When you are finished with the underside, release the bun and work into the rest of hair. Use enough to ensure Lice Rx is well distributed. Then wet hands with water repeatedly to massage and saturate the hair with the water. Lice is meant to be diluted! Add enough water so that if you squeez a pony tail the water beads up but doesn't run down the back. The only time we get complaints is when clients use to much Lice Rx and not enough water. 20 minutes is is the minimum application time. Shampoo out and remove "nits" with a fine comb. Dip comb in vinegar first. Combined with Lice Rx, customers tell us that nits come out easier.


Step 2: A head lice infestation is just that. An infestation. Simply treating the lice on the head is only the first step, you must complete the process by nit picking in between applications. We consider this much more important than cleaning the house again and again. We know that without fail, any head lice in the house must return to the host (a human) for dinner (that's you and/or your kids!) or starve. That said, knowing that the lice must come to us, it makes better use of our time to check ourselves nightly and nit pick the stragglers on us rather than chase lice all over the house. Again, we humans are magnets for the head lice. If you spend more time nit picking than washing all clothing, bedding and towels in hot water ect. you'll win the battle. Clean the environment as best you can. It never hurts, but focus on getting the stragglers in between applications.

Step 3: This is the most important step to end the infestation. Re-apply Lice Rx in 7-12 days to insure all lice and nits have been killed. If found, re-apply again. The good news is... any lice missed in the first application because they were not on the host will get caught in the second application or during the nit picking phase because they will be drawn to humans from hunger. Thatís why the follow up application is so important.

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Lice Rx is also very effective for scabies, but even better is our "Scabies Salvation Lotion". Follow the link for more information.

Body Lice and "crabs" are also safely eradicated.

Topical use only.

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