The chart below shows a price comparison between common poison based over-the-counter head louse (pediculosis) treatments and Lice Rx, the non-toxic solution to head lice. Lice Rx is clearly the best value and guaranteed to address the three major issues concerning head lice treatment today; pesticide resistance of the head louse, health concerns of applying other head lice pesticides on kids and the high cost of treating head lice infestations.

Our guarantee means you can place your order with the confidence we stand behind our product. We're sure you will experience similar results as the school districts who have endorsed our product and our many, many happy customers.

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Compare and Save your Health and Money

# of Treatments per bottle
Cost *
Cost to treat a family of three Twice
Savings using Lice Rx (based on only three applications. Many get four applications.)
8 oz.
Lice Rx
No harmful poisons
Three or four **
Simply the best value
2 oz.
Pronto Lice Kit
You Save $49.64
2 oz.
You Save $31.52
2 oz.
RID (Max. Strength)
You Save $22.04
2 oz.
R&C Shampoo
You Save $2.72
2 oz.
You Save $24.44

* Based on local store prices as of July 19, 1998
** Depending on hair length/texture.

Note: Now that other head lice products have been forced admit that two treatments are necessary, using Lice Rx saves you even more!

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We feel Lice Rx beats all other head lice treatments hands down in price, effectiveness and safety. We even guarantee it when you order a single trial bottle from this web site. We can help you win this head lice battle as we have thousands of others.
Pesticide resistant head lice? Our speciality.

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