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If you are like most of our customers, the dreaded head louse has invaded your home, you've already spent a small fortune in time, money and effort fighting this war with pediculosis and you've found us in desperation because you've tried everything else in your war with head lice and nothing seems to work! That's our typical customer! If that's you too, then look no further! Your search is over! Long (or short) term head lice infestations have become a specialty since 1996. There are no harmful poisons and no head lice when you use Lice Rx. That's our guarantee.

If you have been fighting a losing war with pesticide resistant head lice, we urge you to try Lice Rx.
If you are tired of the head lice war and want it to come to an end, we urge you to try Lice Rx.

May your New Year be better than the last!

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Lice Rx addresses the three major issues concerning head lice treatment today.

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# 1 Pesticide Resistant Head Lice

It's confirmed via Harvard researchers. There are pesticide resistant head lice in the U.S. Not a problem! Lice Rx works when other products won't because we approach the head lice problem without pesticides so lice can't build up a resistance. Simple as that! Though we are unable to furnish our customers with double blind tests proving Lice Rx works against pesticide resistant head lice (or any other lice for that matter), we have always guaranteed our custormers success and though these recommended links contain information that is little more than heresay, click here to see letters of recommendation from entire school districts attesting to the effectiveness of Lice Rx in the treatment of pediculosis. Or click here to see what other parents have said about their battle with head lice using Lice Rx. If you have a head lice problem, we are confident you'll see similar results. In fact, we guarantee it.

# 2 Health Considerations of Placing Pesticides On Your Childrens Scalp

Clicking here will take you to a page titled "poisons" which tells you more about the pesticides you most likely have used in other head lice products and why you want to choose the non-toxic Lice Rx alternative. Our definition of non-toxic means Lice Rx will NOT send you (or your child) to the hospital if you use it wrong. This is an important point because many feel, us included, that poison based head lice treatments which have been proven to be ineffective invite abuse of the manufactures instructions by frustrated parents and others under pressure to get the kids back in school. Lice Rx offers you non-toxic alternative to placing poisons on your clildrens head which we hope you'll agree is an important consideration.

# 3 The High Cost of Treating A Head Louse Infestation.

Using Lice Rx will save you money. When compared to other head lice products, Lice Rx is clearly the best value. Our $24.95, 8-ounce bottle contains three or four treatments per bottle; not just one (store what you don't use). Click here, to see how much you'll save using Lice Rx. You'll appreciate the savings Lice Rx gives you over "traditional" over-the-counter head lice treatments.

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Application is simple. You can find full application information by clicking here but basically you apply Lice Rx to the hair and scalp and leave it on for a minimum of three hours. Hands, hair and scalp will all appreciate the gentle Lice Rx application compared with pesticide based products. Our 8-oz. bottle contains three to four applications (depending on hair length and texture). A second application about week later to catch the head lice who were off the host during the first application usually ends the infestation.

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We can help you with your head lice infestation. We offer you a safe, effective and cost efficient head lice alternative to poison based products for your family. We even guarantee your success, but the only way we can help you is if you place an order. Click here to place your order for Lice Rx now.

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