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Our # 1 Question: Why is your magnetic water conditioning system so inexpensive when compared to others selling for $600.00 or more? The reason is not a quality issue, it's a distribution issue. We distribute directly to the consumer and not through a multi-level marketing program. Ten or 15 people are not making a profit off your purchase with us. We are also not as expensive because we do not need fancy packaging/promotional material to talk people into paying $600.00. Their product will work and so will ours. We feel we offer an excellent product at a fair price.

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How strong are your magnetic units? Most companies quote their magnetic strength in gauss. It's a bit misleading, because that is the strength of the magnet itself, but to do apples to apples our answer is 3900 or 3950 gauss which is the highest strength available in ceramic magnets. Our units are compact allowing easy installation in the tightest places. The units themselves measure only 2" long and sandwich the pipe. Spaced with 2" between each unit and you have a full six inches of treatment.

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How do I know this "new technology" works? The flippant answer is the company charging $600.00 is still in business. That's an important point. We realize that our solution seems to good to be true, but this is NOT new technology. The technology is only new to the United States. However, you don't need to take our word for it. See this story published in the highly respected magazine "The Economist" or see what Halliburton, a huge multinational corporation is offering for the oil industry. The study conducted on dental plaque also validates the technology and has many references you may search out at the end of the story.

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How does the Magnetic Magic unit improve the quality of my water? First of all, one needs to understand that when the unit is placed around a water pipe, the molecular structure of the water flowing through the pipe is changed.

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In what way is this change brought about? The molecules in any liquid, including water, tend to clump together in clusters. When these clusters pass through a molecular-changing field, the molecules are separated into individual molecules, suspending the minerals and making the water more beneficial for all living things. They actually repel each other instead of clumping together which keeps them from sticking to your pipes.

Interesting tidbit: The strength of concrete made with magnetized water is increased by 25 to 35 percent. Light concrete becomes almost twice as strong.

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How does the separation of the molecules improve the water? The water is improved in a number of ways. Suppose the water is hard because of an over abundance of certain minerals. These minerals are still in the water after the magnetic treatment, but they are now in suspension thus making the water act "soft".

If there is sulfur in the water you will smell and taste it. But when the molecules are no longer bunched together the sulfur smell and taste is removed. Even the discoloration is taken care of and the treated water is quite delicious.

When the water molecules are separated and flowing in single file they can not carry a large concentration of minerals so there is less resistance on the surface of the water and you have greater penetration flow in all situations where water is used.

With less resistance the water penetrates faster through the soil. Gardens, lawns, vineyards, nurseries and golf courses require less water and all plants thrive on magnetically treated water because the plants absorb the water faster.

Wineries and restaurants find that the glassware now becomes spotless, being free from mineral concentration and build up, and free from the smell and taste of chlorine and sulfur. Over 90 percent of the big wineries in California use magnetized water to improve water quality.

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What become of the minerals that are in our water supply? Where do they go after installing your device? Instead of clinging to your pipes, they flush right out and down the drain.

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Hi, I would like more technical information regarding the magnetic water conditioning system. I have a 3/4" galvanized (1"o.d.) water line, will your system work on that? Yes, we can help you with your galvanized water
line. It won't cost you any more than our standard system, but it will take about ten days to ship your order from the day you place your order since galvanized pipes are rare and as a result a special order. The good news is... since you probably have an older house your pipes should be pretty well clogged and you should see good results as your pipes immediately start to clean out and will continue to do this as long as our system is installed.

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Will we risk causing our 35 year old pipes to develop leaks by "flushing" the existing build-up in them? Yes. It's something you should watch for. Good Question! The other side of that however is maybe those pipes are a ticking time bomb which would need to be changed one day anyway. The savings you would have from the beneficial effects of magnetic water conditioning would outweigh the cost of a pipe I would think. Anyway, good question.

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Can I use your magnetic water conditioning units on my pool or spa? The answer is a resounding Yes! There are many useful benefits click here to learn more.

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Are these magnetic units difficult to install? Not at all. No tools are required. It only takes a minute or two to strap the units around the water pipes. We include instructions with your order.

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What size pipe are the units used on and will one size fit all? Our "standard" units are designed to fit typical home pipes of copper or PVC up to one inch. As a general rule, add one unit for each inch. (ie: 2 3/8" to 3" pipe = three units). It is better to error with overkill than to put too few units on. This is a one time instillation. You want it to work. For pipes larger than 4" we have special agricultural application units which are quite a bit more powerful and expensive. Even so, these too will pay for themselves within a year through increased crop yields and reduced pumping costs. These units are quoted on a custom basis. Please contact us for more information.

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How long will the Magnetic Magic unit last? One installation will last a lifetime retaining their strength for at least one hundred years producing savings year after year. If you move, be sure to take them with you.

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How long will the water remain in a treated condition? This is a very important question. Use it or lose it is the name of the game with magnetic water. After the water sits in the pipes for 48 hours the molecular structure returns to its former state and is no longer effective. Therefore, you should try and use all faucets and bathrooms in your home every few days or install additional point-of-use units. I had a call from a dissatisfied customer once and found out the units were installed on his weekend cabin. This won't work. After he installed them on his house, he saw the results he was seeking because of the constant flow of magnetized water through the pipes.

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How will I know the Magnetic Magic System is working? There are many ways. Depending on how sensitive you are, you can feel results in your shower as the water will feel "slippery". As your pipes clean out with the passage of time, most will be able to feel this effect (until it becomes the norm).

After about a month, you teeth will start to feel like they do when you return from a cleaning at the dentist and continue to feel that way while you are drinking magnetized water.

After about six weeks, you can drain your water tank (recommended) to remove scale that has dropped to the bottom of the tank. Sometimes, this is quite noticeable. Other times, the scale has dissolved rapidly and little trace can be found.

When house cleaning, you'll notice how quick and easy things you once scrubed now come clean. Soaps and cleaning products seem to work better too.

If you heat your house with wood and keep a pot of water on the stove, chances are a mineral buildup has occurred. Within days of using magnetized water, you'll see a noticeable difference in the amount of scale. Weeks later, the scale will be greatly reduced.

Your plants will look better. Take care not to over water because this energized water will be utilized better so you won't need as much water to get beautiful plants.

There are a few scientific ways to measure the effect, but these are practical ways anyone can notice.

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Do you offer a guarantee? Yes, you get 60 days to try out our Magnetic Magic Water Conditioning System. We are confident that you will experience the benefits within this time (everyone does!). You risk only shipping costs.

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Do you have distributor opportunities? Let's just say that due to increasing demand, we will now sell wholesale to satisfied customers so that they may help their friends and neighbors with their hard water problems. Your initial order counts toward the 12 unit minimum if you choose to become a wholesale distributor. Prices will be disclosed upon your satisfaction of your initial purchase.

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