Magnetic Water Conditioning For Pools And Spas

Fitted into the circulation system of your pool or spa, our magnetic water conditioning system will provide sparkling, crystal clear water for years to come. Hard water will take on the properties of soft water. You'll discover your pool feels and smells more refreshing, will be easy to maintain and a delight to swim in once the water is magnetically conditioned.

Consider the benefits:

Our Magnetic Magic Units are easy to install.

One side of the unit sits on the top of the pipe and the other half on the bottom. Strap them together and installation is complete. Your magnetic water conditioning system is easily fitted after the filter on to the pool return line after the last elbow. The number of units you need depends on the size of your pipe. Most pools require four units for pipes up to 2". Add one additional unit per additional inch of pipe (copper/PVC). Each additional unit costs $59.95. You may wish to purchase one additional unit to attach to the water heater line for large pools. You’ll realize savings from improved efficiency in heating costs, chemical costs and maintenance costs. And the savings will grow year after year.

If you're ready to free yourself from hard water the economical, healthful and environmentally friendly way, please follow this link to our secure order form.

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