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Prices for Willard Water Concentrate

$ 19.25 Eight ounce bottle. (See our guarantee below).
$ 65.7532 ounce bottle. Good for a small family
$189.95One U.S. gallon. The most economical for a family.

Our Guarantee is simple and straight forward regarding Willard Water: "Your money's worth in your own opinion or your money back". We only offer this guarantee on our 8 oz. bottle since most people start out with this size and we expect those ordering larger sizes are doing so because they did get their money's worth on their first order and are buying the larger sizes for the savings in price.

In addition to the Willard Water Concentrate which we sell undiluted from the Willard Family, we have two excellent gels containing Willard Water. Gel'loe is a combination of Aloe and Willard Water and is used topically for skin problems of all kinds. Works great on sunburn (a personal experience). Chinota Herbal Gel is used for aches and pains. Both Chinota and Gel'loe are excellent for massage when combined with a Willard Water spray. All three products contain no drugs.

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Our Willard Water Based Gels

$ 14.50Chinota Herbal Gel. Four ounce tube.
$ 9.95Gel'loe Willard Water-based gel. Four ounce tube.

Special Arthritis Combo

$28.00 - One four ounce tube of Chinota Herbal Gel
and one eight ounce bottle of Willard Water.

Save 15 percent!

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Other Fine Products

$ 24.95 Lice Rx the non-toxic head lice treatment
$ 8.50 Colloidal Silver - Germ Killer, 2 oz.
$ 16.35 Colloidal Silver - Germ Killer, 4 oz.
$ 29.75 Colloidal Silver - Germ Killer, 8 oz.
$ 59.00 Colloidal Silver - Germ Killer, 16 oz.
$ 12.95 DHEA, 90 Tablets
$ 9.95 Melatonin, 60 tablets.
$ 24.95 Scabies Salvation, 4-oz. bottle
$ 44.95 Scabies Salvation, 8-oz. bottle
$ 76.45 Scabies Salvation, 16-oz. bottle
$ 179.85 Magnetic Magic Water Conditioning System
$ 14.75 Insuladd Use in Paint For R-20 Insulation

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Interesting Reading

$ 10.95 "Aqua Vitae"; The Willard Water Story, Jacobsen.
$ 14.95 "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Order today.  It's  good for you.

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Order today.  It's  good for you.

Order today.  It's  good for you.

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