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Over the past 30 years, "perceived" benefits reported most frequently by users of Willard Water are improvements with such problems such as: stress, blood pressure, arthritis, sleeping problems, skin problems and all kinds of burns. Willard Water users also report good success with back pain, PMS, migraine headaches, hangovers, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, ulcers and other digestive and respiratory problems.

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Dr. Willard's Water And You.

Doctors and nutritionists tell us we need to drink a gallon of water a day to give our body the fluid it needs. Considering our body is made up of over 60% of water and water is the most important nutrient our body needs, this seems like good advise. But seriously, who really drinks a gallon of water a day? Not many of us. This water deficiency leaves our body vulnerable because we don't give it the water it needs. Less fluid consumed equates to less fluid to disperse nutrients and expel toxins. I'm not a Doctor, but this just makes sense to me.

Helping Your Body Work Better

In addition, the drinking of Willard Water helps your body assimilate nutrients from the food you eat and helps break down waste materials and toxins for expulsion from your body. Willard Water has the unique ability to collect electrons from water and the atmosphere releasing them as needed while increasing the bio-magnetism of your cells up to 50 percent. In short, Willard Water helps your body work better because the human body is largely made up of water.

Other "Perceived Benefits"

These are inherent properties of Willard Water. However, it is the wide verity of "perceived" benefits reported from people drinking Willard Water which is the most interesting. Each of us are unique individuals and the effects of Willard Water differ as a result. Sometimes the effects are immediate (as with burns) and other times subtle and cumulative. Over the past 30 years, "perceived" benefits reported most frequently are improvements with such problems such as: stress, blood pressure, arthritis, skin problems, burns, back pain, PMS, migraine headaches, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, ulcers and other digestive and respiratory problems. These are just the common user reports. We hear all kinds of "perceived" benefits. Our ultimate goal is to gather this user feedback into a knowledge base for our customers. So your feedback is important to us.

The Discovery of Altered Water

Some 30 years ago, Dr. John Willard made an amazing discovery. He discovered a way to change the molecular structure of ordinary water to create a new form of activated water with extraordinary properties. He called it "catalyst altered water".

Reduction of Stress

One of the extraordinary properties of Dr. Willard's Water is to reduce stress in warm blooded animals. Modern medical research suggests that stress is a contributing factor in the vast majority of major illnesses. Further research has linked stress to a build up of "free radicals" in your blood stream. Reducing these "free radicals" by the use of antioxidents is today's cutting edge medical research. Willard Water is not only a proven, powerful antioxidant, but is also a scavenger of "free radicals" which should reduce your stress and your vulnerability to major illness if this new research is correct.

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This is what Ron Woodward had to say....

"We first found out about Willard Water from a pack of post cards. We sent for information and decided to purchase it. The first thing that I noticed after mixing and trying it was my back didn't hurt like it always does. This happened several days after trying it. Also, I'm a heavy smoker and every morning I would cough & hack for about 1/2 hour. This stopped and I still cough a little, but nothing like I have for the last 20 years. What a wonderful product! Had a motorcycle accident, arms & legs scraped, I sprayed them with Willard Water and now you can't even see a mark, scar or anything".

Ron Woodward, September 1995

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The first step to discovery is taking the first step toward it. Today, more and more people are exploring for their own solutions to their health problems. We'll be the first to tell you that you may not see similar results as Ron's, but enough people have experienced "perceived" benefits that Congress launched a congressional investigation into Catalyst Altered Water back in 1980. That was followed by a "60 Minutes" investigation and in both cases Willard Water came out smelling like a rose. It's been 20 years since those investigations and people are still "perceiving" benefits from drinking and using Willard Water. We don't know exactly how or why the Real Willard Water works, but letters like Ron's are not uncommon. As Dr. Willard said, "I see it, but I still don't believe it".

We won't say our "Catalyst Altered Water" can do anything other than what the patents prove in "warm blooded animals" and plants. However, most feel reducing infectious disease, stress and better utilization of food are beneficial to all "warm blooded animals".

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Getting Started

Most people who start drinking Willard Water start with an eight ounce bottle of concentrate which you mix to the ratio of one ounce concentrate to one U.S. gallon of filtered water (makes eight gallons total). If you don't have a drinking water filter yet, you need one. Bottles water cost to much. We sell the Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems filters which are rated among the best in the world. Contact us for more information. This 8 oz. bottle should last one person two months or more depending on their consumption. Most people start out drinking four ounces a day for the first few days and increase their consumption until they "settle in" to the amount that's right for them. I personally drink about three or four coffee mugs a day, the last one just before bed as it helps me sleep better. More if I'm stressed or under a dead line. My wife on the other hand, finds Willard Water gives her too much energy so has her last glass early in the evening. She also drinks more for stress reduction. That's the interesting thing about Willard Water. It's effects are as unique as each individual. Some find immediate results and others don't notice a thing but drink it anyway to help insure better nutrition .

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Finally, is Real Willard Water safe?

Whom do you believe? The U.S. Government, "60 Minutes" who conducted their own tests, or independent laboratories? They all agree, Real Willard Water is safe. This has been the short version

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A Personal Perspective (as of this revision)

My current thoughts are that drinking Willard Water helps make up for the quantity of water I should be drinking, but don't. The 12 to 16 ounces of Willard Water I drink each day is a far cry from the 64 ounces which doctors recommend, but since it works as a more activated form of water, I can't help but feel it's good for me. I am now drinking filtered Willard Water almost exclusively. As I learn more about the importance of trace minerals, I'm starting to think it might be the trace minerals contained in the "micelle activator" (see What Is Catalyst Altered Water?) which are now missing from today's food supply and soil that causes the difference. Whatever it is, using Dr. Willard's Water on plants and pets is the easiest way to see positive results quickly.

I hope you'll choose to try our Willard Water. Your success is our success.

Mark Cook, President
Symbiotic Systems, Inc.

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One final thing.

You'll note we have used the words "Real Willard Water". There are many, many cheap imitations on the market which are often diluted to lower the price and bring more profits to the person selling it. You'll get what you pay for. If you have tried one of the imitations and saw no results, we urge you to try our product. Our product is the patented product from the Willard family plant sold full strength. Our guarantee states "Your money's worth in your own opinion or your money back". We want you to see that there is a difference and feel confident about purchasing our product! That's why we offer this guarantee. Thank you.

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I have a lot of information on this website and need to warn you that we get a little wordy, but your should find the information presented fascinating. I don't even know where to tell you to start unless it's with the "60 Minutes" transcript which provides a good overview. The Patent information proves something is happening in "Warm Blooded Animals" and plants. Want to learn more about the science (in layman's terms), check out "What is CAW?". Willard Water is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Find out why this is important to you by following this link. The FAQ is self explanatory. This has been the short version.

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