Willard Water
And The Kombucha Mushroom

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Rather than go into a lengthy discussion about this mushroom, let me just say that for thousands of years this mushroom has been used in healing.

Just like Willard Water, people report all kinds of beneficial effects. My mushroom has died and I haven't replaced it because it hasn't been convient in my town. However, I feel drinking this tea made me more alert. My acupuncturist has been telling me for years to stop drinking caffeine. Since starting to drink this tea, I’ve cut down from four or five cups of coffee in the morning to one or two out of habit. The need for a “coffee jolt” is just not there anymore. I like the clarity of mind and feel this k-tea works toward keeping me healthier. If you’re seeking alternatives, perhaps you’ll find some benefit from the Kombucha Mushroom.

For more information on the Kombucha Mushroom, follow this link to Kombucha Information Resourse or the Kombucha Home Page. I would recommend joining the mailing list also for a wealth of first account user information.

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