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According to a U.S. Senate study (Document No. 264),--- 99 percent of Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements.

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The foods we eat, over-processed and void of many essential nutrients, are grown in soils that have been over-planted and saturated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Consequently, Americans are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need, and, in order to stay healthy, prevent premature aging, ward off cancer and heart disease, their diets must be supplemented with minerals and trace elements.

According to The Doctor's Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, "Mineral insufficiency and trace elements insufficiency are more likely to occur than are vitamin insufficiency states. Because of differing geologic conditions, minerals and trace elements may be scarce in the soils of certain regions and rich in those of other regions. Thus, you can live in some areas, eat a perfectly 'balanced' diet and still develop mineral deficiencies or trace element deficiencies that can only be averted through dietary change or supplementation."

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All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oils, etc. require minerals for proper cellular function. All bodily processes depend upon the action and presence of minerals.

Minerals are more important to nutrition than vitamins. Vitamins are required for every bodily biochemical process. However, vitamins cannot function unless minerals are present.

Minerals are needed for healing. Tissue rebuilding occurs more readily when the body has access to the necessary minerals. This is why soaking in water quickly heals wounds, and why, traditionally, health spas are so popular.

Minerals are difficult to absorb into the body. Calcium, for instance, must be taken with vitamins D and C, essential fatty acids and in the proper ratio to magnesium, in order to be digested.

One of the reasons that women tend to be anemic is because of improper digestion of iron. Iron is present in every food we eat, according to the late nutritionist, Adelle Davis.

However, because the mineral is difficult to digest, most iron ingested passes through the body unassimilated. Iron is best absorbed with additional vitamin C.

Many mineral supplements are not easily assimilated by the body. It's important that mineral supplements be water soluble, not in rock form, and that the elements be in an oxygenated state, bringing more oxygen to the blood cells and thereby releasing toxins from the body.

This is where Willard Water comes in. Because of, or perhaps the result of, Willard Waterís catalytic nature, the supplements you are taking are being assimilated into your system more readily. More bang for the buck so to speak. Perhaps this is illustrated in agricultural uses. We recommend farmers reduce their nitrogen applications by at least 50% to avoid over fertilizing. Could it be the same with us? (pure speculation)

From here we recommend you visit What Is Willard Water? if you havenít already.

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